Louisiana Pottery
Sorrento, Louisiana

Classes / Parties

"Playing In The Mud"

"Hand-building" Pottery Classes for Adults / Children
  A great gift idea.
"Private Parties"
This party can include children and adults (age 6 and up) $35./Session/student plus the cost of glazes chosen.
Special rates for Boy/Girl Scout groups
Each session includes:  
2 classes, clay, firing, and use of all tools.
The first class is "hand-building pottery" and the second class is "glazing/painting" your creations.  Students will make at least 3 items.
Reservation Required    Call (225) 675-5572
Adults - "Hand-building" Pottery Classes
Cost:  $155./Session
Each session includes:  4 classes, clay, a tool set (you keep), 
and the firing of all pieces made during class.

No prior clay experience necessary.  Learn basic hand-building methods first, and then we can explore your desires in clay.  

Classes are held each Wednesday and Saturday from 10am - 1pm.
You can begin a session at any time, and choose your day(s).  Most people come once a week (some come both Wed. & Sat.), for 4 weeks.  If you must miss a class for whatever reason, you don't loose a class - just come the next week.  Your session always includes 4 classes.

If you would like to continue, the next session would be $120. 
(4 classes), because you already have your tools.  Clay can be purchased on a as-needed basis.

Gift Certificates Available  

Birthday Parties / Private Parties 

You have 2 choices:        

1.  Paint ceramic pieces -plenty to choose from, boys and girl items.  
There is no set price, it depends on the pieces chosen by the children.  An example - the last birthday party had 11 children, and the bill came to $149. There is no studio fee, just pay for what you paint.  Minimum # of 6 people painting to reserve the classroom.

2.  Hand-building pottery classes.  Cost: $35./Student/Session plus cost of glazes.  A minimum of 6 students is required to reserve the classroom.  This option includes 2 classes/student.  The first class is hand-building pottery from clay.  And then, 2 weeks later, your class would come back to paint their creations.

The maximum # of students for either choice is 14.  Also, since this will be your private party, the class participants can be adults and/or children.  Reservations required; please call (225) 675-5572 for more information.

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