Hand-building Pottery Classes


Classes Available. *** Christmas Items & Ornaments Available

Hand-building pottery classes for Adults

Cost:  $155.00 to start.  This includes four 3-hour classes, a tool set, clay, and firing of pieces made in class.  Classes are held on Wednesdays and Saturdays from 10AM-1PM.    Call to sign up. Groups are welcome.  Classes do not have to be consecutive.  If you decide on continue classes, then the cost will be $120. for an additional 4 classes.  Clay can be purchased as needed.

Sculpture Classes for Adults ... Same as above, except held on Fridays 10AM-1PM.  More than one session is usually required to complete a sculpture (but so worth it in the end).

Private Party Clay Classes (Adults & Children)

Cost:  $35./Person plus the cost of glazes.  A minimum of 6 people are required to fill a private party.  The maximum number of students in one class is 14.  For a private party, you can mix adults and children age 6 and  up.  The private party includes 2 classes, clay and firing.  The first class will be "building" 3 clay pieces.  The second class is for painting or glazing your creations.  The second class must be schedule a minimum of 2 weeks later.  Most groups schedule it a month later.  This is a great opportunity for families or groups of people to create a wonderful lasting memory.  

Birthday Parties

"Paint your own pottery" Birthday Parties requires a minimum of 6 people painting ceramics.  There is no set price because it depends on what the each person chooses to paint.  After showing them what's available, each one chooses a piece,  we select colors, and then they paint.  Then, the group has cake and the birthday person opens presents.   Your party will have the room for 2 hours.  Call for more details and to schedule your party.  You can even tie balloons on the front porch!

             This option is also available for family or friend get togethers.

School Groups, Daycare's and Scouts are Welcome

Lot's of options are available for any budget.  Call for more information and to schedule your event.  Ask about the discount for Scouts.